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Breathe new life into your timepieces by using our extensive range of services. From replacing a watch battery to restoring a worn watch to its former glory, we can help. Our services also extend to repairing jewellery whether it be ring sizing or creating bespoke pieces. You'll be amazed at the results our skilled technicians can achieve.

In this section you can discover the range of services we offer and also learn tips on how to take care of your watch.  With proper care, your timepiece will give you many years of reliable service.  A watch is a precision instrument made up of hundreds of tiny parts and by using our experienced watchmakers for a routine service or repair, you will contribute to the long-lasting durability of your watch.

watch care
Your watch will require care and maintenance, so with this in mind we have created a section to provide some tips in helping you ensure its accuracy and to protect its appearance.
watch restoration
Unfortunately all watches are susceptible to collecting scratches and can start to look worn with daily use. But by giving it a W1 Watches Refurbishment you can breathe new life into your worn watch.
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Should you have any enquires relatng to our of our services or if you would like any advice regarding the care of your watch please do not hestitate to contact us.

Simply fill in our enquiry form with the details of the item you require assistance with and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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