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All watches bought from W1 Watches are supplied with a 12 month Warranty for your peace of mind.  In some cases the original manufactures warranty may still be valid.  If this warranty has elapsed completely then our watches will be subject to a 12 month warranty.

Our 12 month warranty is also extended to any parts that are replaced for any watches that undergo repairs at our Authorised Rolex workshop.

The Warranty does not cover:
  • Misuse or tampering or abuse (hitting, knocking).
  • The consequence of normal wear and tear on any leather or rubber strap.
  • The watch strap, bracelet, stems, crowns, bezel, mineral glass or sapphire crystal.
  • Any damage caused by water, if your watch is not water-resistant.
  • Alterations, modifications and taking apart of the watch by a third party without our express permission. Doing so will invalidate the warranty.
  • Theft or loss of watch.
How to process your claim if something goes wrong:
In the event of a problem with your watch, there are several options available to you: 
  1. If the watch is still covered by the original manufactures warranty, you may contact them to resolve the problem.  However please do contact us initially as in some cases we are able to carry out the repair in a shorter timeframe than the manufacturers.
  2. If the watch is still covered by our W1 Watches 12 month Warranty and if the problem is covered by the terms of our warranty we will undertake any repairs free of charge.
  3. If both the W1 Watches warranty and manufactures warranty has expired, please send the watch back to us and we will provide you with a quote and an estimate of the period of time needed for the repairs to be completed.
In all the points above, please ensure that along with the watch you provide us a written explanation of the problem along with your contact details. 
Please note the following:
Please make sure that your watch is fully insured, at your expense, during transit as W1 Watches does not accept any liability for loss of damage for incoming goods.  Alternatively visit us at our shop to drop off your timepiece personally, it will be in safe hands!  All warranty returns must be dealt with by W1 Watches.
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